Tuesday, April 28, 2015

This is what real romance looks like!!

***I received this book as an ARC in exchange for an honest review

I honestly loved this book! I thought that this romance was "fresh " and unexpected. let me set the plot for you; Patrick is a regular guy who writes his favorite actress after her very public breakup with an action star. he's not looking for anything, just offering her support. Lauren is just a woman in need of a man's attention. They correspond and the fun begins.

The good:
Romance. OMG, I wish Patrick could teach a class about how to be romantic without being obnoxious. I found his style ( and there fore JJ Murray's) to be so refreshing. I'm tired of billionaire bad boy, alpha male, construction worker, cowboys. it's nice to read about a man being an alpha without me having to be told he is an alpha because his bank account or title. My favorite scene's involved St. Louis in the snow. I just found it so quaint and sweet. The scenes didn't need more.

Patrick. Yes, please!

Setting. I liked the descriptions for each city, I could picture each place and really felt like the author took the time to research or visit each site. I wanted a cup of hot cocoa from the Deli and I could see the hotel overlooking the arches.

Papa/Mama. Both were fun no nonsense characters to read.

The bad:
The paparazzi. I felt their interaction got old quick
Having whole conversations during the "adult scenes". No, thanks!

This is a well written fun read that I would recommend to any and everyone. The adult scenes are hot, if a bit chatty, and the romance is real and alive. So much so you want the characters to stay together.

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