Monday, August 27, 2012

This is the book that catapulted me into the IR genre………………………

Soul Song: A Dirk & Steele Novel (Dirk & Steele Novels)by Marjorie M. Liu

This romantic thriller staring Kitala Bell, Kit, is a violinist with a beautiful talent, flourishing career, and dark secret. M’cal is the prisoner of a powerful witch who brutally manipulates him into using his warrior gifts to do her bidding. When the two meet a tune is played in both their hearts that reaches to their very souls.

The Good: Personally, I loved this story; the phrases and words flowed like music on the page; I felt like I was watching a movie instead of reading a book. The characters were well thought out; Kit was smart and strong yet open and vulnerable. M’cal was all I could ever dream of from a merman; tall, dark, and owned his own private island. The witch and her sidekick vamp were good meany’s who had a clear agenda and acted accordingly.

The Bad: The ending was a slight let down. After reading lyrical paragraphs for ¾ of the book it began to feel like I was being rushed to and ending; the plot became overly complicated with indecipherable action scenes and late character introductions (they turned out to be integral to the series more than the story line.

I’m just saying: This romantic thriller staring a carmel skinned herione and a muscular yet sensitive hero with a quirky ability for breathing under water. Yes, I’m calling his ability to shift his legs into a tail, complete with penis pouch an ability; and yes, I think it’s weirdly hot.  It’s an unavoidable inheritance, like going bald or having giant chic-let teeth; genetics is a mixed bag people, just as Chloe Kardashian. What, you think the scales and fins would weird you out? Lets run a quick checklist; a blue eyed, curly haired, sensitive lover whose straight, endowed, and able to shift form and still make me come? Yes, please! 

Overall: Despite a slightly disappointing ending, this is still a good read worth the purchase price

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