Friday, September 21, 2012


So I'm still reading voraciously, but I'm having a hard time blogging. Hubby's b-day was this week and I spent my time preparing for that, and avoiding a myriad of other chores in the process. Recently I finished "Gone Girl" by Gillian Flynn which was so awesome that I'm speechless; "The Wild one" by Theodora Taylor, which was good; the third book in the Dark days series by Jocelyn Drake which was like walking through a marsh. At this point I've purchased the whole series, so I'm going to finish those darn books, but Oy! Is it hard.

Also, I've been working on completing my first short story as well, so more reviews and a peek at what I'm doing is forthcoming!

Gotta go, the dog and the hubby (in that order of importance right now) are getting hysterical waiting for their dinner- M.

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