Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Laid Bare/Blah

Zora Calloway is ready for the next stage of her life after a series of frightening leads her to pursue a new home and job. On the way she has a near-fatal collision on a country back road, the accident changes everything. She wakes up in a secluded cabin owned by bear-shifter cousins Heath, Gavin and Logan Lamere who believe that Zora's accident is fate, she’s the one they’ve been waiting for.

The Good: The Title and this is a complete story, often in the I/R genre the characters and situations feel contrived; the women insecure and the men very patient. I will say that Zora came around reasonably enough, though I would have liked to see her have more one on one situations with her  men and I also would have liked spending more time learning each man's personalit and background  

The Bad: Sorry but the Ménage à orgy thing was a turn off for me; group sex with only one woman and three straight men packing extra large heat, um no thanks.

I'm just saying: All I kept thinking was how do you develop a rhythm, wouldn't one of these guys dislike having balls in his face, cause someone besides her has a pair in their face. And, how tiring would it be to have three men to service, your body would be one giant ouch! I know, I know already, I stop reading smut and go for something with more substance. OK, I read non-smut (occasionally) but in between the hard hitting stuff can't I get my freak on?

Overall: Keep your $3.44 and look for something else or click here to check out the book

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