Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Taken by a great read...

Taken by Moonlight by Violette Dubrinsky

Werewolf Conall Athelwulf is the leader of the largest pack in New York, a trusted leader and Uncle, Conall meets and falls in love with Vivienne Bordeux, a young human he falls upon in the woods. Vivianne, a sweet natured good girl is immediately drawn to the commanding man she meets first in the woods, then on the dance floor. Their love ignites their passion and a dormant ability within Vivianne; when others threaten his claim on his new found love, Conall is determined to keep her safe, even if Vivienne may be key to the salvation of an entire race and the ultimate end of his own.

The Good:
I really love a well thought out story and this is one; witch's, warlocks, demigods, were's, and druids this book has them all. I loved that each race has an origin explained without being to scientific; I love that there are so many great characters available for me to read. I love the story; Vivienne and Conall make me melt when I think of their love, but there is more, the supporting cast is also well written and just as interesting as the main characters without overloading my poor excited brain! I cannot wait for sequel!

The Bad:
That this book ended and Drew and Max are still not together.

I'm just sayin:
I can't wait until the next book! Seriously, hurry up; but not too much cause I NEED the same quality of story as this book!

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