Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Under Violette Dubrinsky's spell

Under the Crescent Moon is about New York Lawyer Azaleigh Montclaire inherits the estate of her aunt; an old house in Georgia, a big ring, some family jewels, oh yeah, and a Zombie. Victor St. Croix is not your run of the meal "Walking Dead" Zombie, he's better! A gorgeous six-and-a-half foot, dark-haired, green-eyed giant of a man who falls to his knees and swears to protect her with his life from the Night Walkers, fiendish bloodsucking vampires, who threaten to massacre the entire town of Hallows Brook if Azleigh, the guardian, doesn't get over the shock of having her very on Zombie hunk. 

The good:
There is so much more to this story than a witch and her play thing; the plot is easy to follow, though not so easy that you feel  like your being talked down to. There is a plot that will surprise you and the make you want to yell at the characters, because this book is really about love and destiny; opening your heart to what love has to offer and keeping it, even if it means giving up yourself for it. 

The bad:
There is a little problem with continuity and there are a few errors in the book; slate instead of slam, but that is to be expected with e-books. 

 I'm just sayin:
The errors are outweighed by the great story; there are so many books in the i/r genre that are so hard to get through whether from bad technique or ill formed storylines, but Mrs. Dibrinsky manages to create an entire world of characters that are distinct and interesting; their stories are so compelling that you will find yourself rooting for the characters, or against them. I will definitely read this book again and again.follow me to purchase

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