Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The book of my year.............

Wheels of Steel 1,2,3

Pepper Pace

Jason is an up and coming DJ, college student, and disabled; his group Wheels of Steel is comprised of people as misfits and handicapped, but they are made cool by their talent. Robin is a shy girl struggling to make ends meet and find herself all at once. Robin takes a job as Jason's home healthcare aid creating a saga that takes them along a musical journey of self-discovery and love. 

The Good:
Interesting and unconventional characters, good story and a plot that keeps you interested and excited about the next installment.

The Bad:
Not very much, maybe some interesting physical descriptions of the characters 

I'm jus sayin:
I admit to only reading books about perfect characters, check out my book boyfriend if you don't believe me; however, I read one of Mrs. Pace's books, Beast and I was hooked. The stories of these characters bring me joy, I'm not perfect, why wouldn't I want to read about people who aren't perfect either? This story in particular had me laughing, crying and a little excited; that is what I love about reading, I learned so much about people with Cerebral Palsy, the struggles that people who I would walk past with pity face everyday, but maintain their spirit. No, these characters aren't necessarily as realistic as some people with the real disabilities, but it helped me to open my eyes and really see people for who they are and not what they suffer from.

Check this book out @Amazon.com or  Barnes and Noble and please leave a comment, I would love to hear our opinion :)

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