Tuesday, November 27, 2012

What I've been nibbling on......

I read a lot of books, in fact I read so many I don't always have time to blog. I also have high standards when it comes to reading; good story, character, and a logical plot. Here are some books that I just wasn't down with.

 Wolf's Haven by Ambrielle Kirk

I liked the synopsis of this book: a young woman caught up in an abusive relationship finds the courage to flee, but ends up in the arms of a good looking shifter. Not exactly a new theme, but I thought that I'd give it a go. 
First, the execution of this book is poor, I couldn't get more than five pages in before I saw at least three errors and awkward sentences. For example "get" instead of "give" and "pull up into a kneel," kneel is usually associated with a downward movement, so this was odd to me. 
Then their were the blatantly obvious questions left unanswered; we start with our heroine taking part in a theft at a museum, but we're never told what the antagonist wants to steal. What kind of criminals get drunk (not high) before a job for the mob? Alcohol slows one down, wouldn't they be getting high to speed themselves up?

And on top of everything else their were plot hole problems. Our heroin uses the heist as a diversion to escape her abusive relationship. The author reiterates over and over that Tamara has planned and timed her escape, even going so far as to ask her therapist for help; she plans to call the police and get her boyfriend arrested, yet, she has not timed the police's arrival and ends up literally out on a ledge. I can get over this, maybe her calculations were off or in a giant museum their was no place for her to hide. However I could not get over the random description; she's on a ledge and jumps, twisting her ankle in her fall. Further off she sees a woods in  and tries to drag herself their, getting caught or injured on a wired fence that she doesn't see. Where do I begin, her escape plan is awful, who doesn't know that there's a woods behind the place she was going to rob or a wired fence? Where is this museum that there's a woods behind it? Who's plan involves jumping from a ledge like Batman? 

I'm just sayin: I just couldn't get past so many errors. Maybe the book becomes great once you get past the sample, but I decided not to bet $3.99 on it. Click on the title above to check it out and form your ow opinion.

For Torons pride by Freddie Lockwood. 

Sienna is a newly changed and goes to spend a weekend with the pride and its leader Toron. Toron is a pride leader determined to bring his newest member into the fold; will their attraction bring them closer? Will Sienna give in to her natural animalistic urges? 
I have no idea, I couldn't get past Siennas bad attitude; her resentment of Davon for making her a shifter is understandable, but she is so mean to him that I actually winced. Her attraction to Toron is interesting, but gets spoiled by the usual "I've never been attracted to white men" bull hockey. Come on, seriously? No Mcsteamy or Mcdreamy? That is hard to believe and angry black woman has been done to death is this genre, so I didn't continue with this book.
I would love to hear your opinion whether you Agree or disagree, so please leave a comment!

Thanks - M2M

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