Monday, April 15, 2013

Charmed indeed!

Two times the charm by Christin Lovell

Have you ever fallen truly madly deeply in love with a book? Yeah me too, this book..... Is so amazing the sample had me chomping at the bit to devour the whole story of Ayden, Josh, and Max.
I literally have nine library books checked, three unfinished purchases, and a few twitter shoutout's to get to. But this book stopped me cold and demanded that I buy a bottle of red and settle in with this good read.

The story really moved me, voicing so many of my own insecurities and showing me that my imperfections can be sexy when viewed through the right pair of eyes.
Due to the nature of this characters back story I did occasionally grow a tad annoyed with Max, I'm a strong minded gal with a 'next one comes in another fifteen' attitude about men, so to read someone so defeated was at times difficult, but I reminded myself that the authors purpose was to truly capture the state of mind of the character; and, how could I feel the height of her happiness without exploring the depths of her sadness?
Max's character arc is wonderful to follow; learning her strengths and allowing herself to be vulnerable while showing her men how strong a woman is to allow herself to show that vulnerability and be rewarded with love, respect, and devotion from not one, but two sexy shifters. I was truly amazed and pleasured to read this book and you will be as well.
I'm just saying: 
there were some minor errors that I found, but they aren't worth mentioning
I want the hot chocolate recipe that Max served her two hunky mates.
Where was this town when I was single? 
Can I have a sequel to this novel that involves Cade, the hunky brother and a vivacious curvaceous mocha skinned beauty? Hey, I'm just saying!
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