Monday, April 15, 2013

Falling for a good book...

Edge of the falls by Nazarea Andrews

Sabah is an orphan child taken in by the mysterious ‘Mistress’ after being abdoned  to the slums as a child. Soon she grows up and falls in love, knowing her place living outside the great city nearby.

But when a ban-wolf saves her life, Sabah begins to change.

The book synopsis says that it’s a romantic retelling of Beauty and the Beast, but I found this book to be so much more than just a children’s story. I fell in love with the world that the author created. Not that it’s a magical fairytale with talking teacups and other server ware, a dark dystopia where a beautiful girl has more than just furry beasts to worry about when civilized gentry can change one’s fate on a whim.

Sabah is the best kind of heroine; fiercely passionate and strong, but also willing to be open and vulnerable when she finally sets her sites on what her heart desires.

I felt myself wrapped in Sabah’s story; fearing, feeling, betrayed, but also growing as Sabah did. I would recommend this story to anyone that enjoys a good well rounded read. The characters are magnificently written  and the story is thoroughly entertaining.

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