Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Yeah, the cover made me read it. Don't judge me!

This is one of the best covers that I've had the pleasure to imagine touching in real life. The model and character remind me of Christiano Ronaldo, a hottie futballer from Portugal. Hubby watches a lot of futbol, so I have a lot of premier league crushes and thought I would give this book a go!

First, let me give you an example of one of my baseball conversations with my hubby:

C-mac: What's the score?
Me: Five to one, Reds.
C-mac: Inning?
Me: Bottom of the fifth, two outs
C-mac: Who's pitching?
Me: Arroyo.

I know that some of you fell asleep reading that. Others have no idea what any of that means. Now here is a convo about Futbol:

C-mac: What's the score?
Me: One all
C-mac: Who scored?
Me: I have no idea, I was too busy day dreaming about Joe Heart's abs. Who does David Beckham play for now?
C-mac: What? That guy's not that good anymore.
Me: Quite avoiding the question. Fine, whatever. When do they take off their shirts?
C-mac: Seriously?
Me: Yeah. 
C-mac: At the end of the game. About an hour from now.
Me: Oh. Take off YOUR shirt..................


I enjoyed this read. As usual the love scene's were top notch. Well done Ms. Brown! To read this book click the book or here. And if you like what you read please hit the follow button. Thanks!

In case you were wondering:

Joe Hart

David Beckham

Christiano Ronaldo

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