Saturday, June 29, 2013

Donor (Dresdon Coven)

I saw this book in my inbox from so I downloaded the sample and immediately fell in love with this dark gritty love story.

Elaina was once a tracker of Dresdan, an ancient species of vampire. For years, she served District 5, until she learned their prime agenda is to create a new race of humans Before Elaina can expose the truth, District 5 discovers that her blood type contains the elements to create a successful hybrid. She becomes the hunted, but protection is found while in the presence of one vampire, Vicq.

Vicq who dies because of her. Or did he?

For a novella I found the characters to be well rounded and very believable. I am now a fan of Mrs. Kirk and will continue to read her novels future works. The story is great, with lots of action and well written romance. I pictured the story in deep crimson and shadows. 

My only gripe is towards the end in the nightclub. A few new characters are introduced towards the end and their interactions with the hero and heroine are kind of uncomfortable other than that A+ for Donor.

Check this book at Barnes and Noble or Amazon. To see more reviews check-in@ goodreads

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