Tuesday, July 23, 2013

I do.

If you've never heard of Kim Harrison, shame on you. SHAME!

She is an amazing writer with an eclectic group of characters that will make you love to read. Seriously, she is amazing and I am a bookie when it comes to her. I once wrote on her blog and she wrote back. I giggled like a school child and told all of m co-workers and friends about the experience.

One of the main reasons that I love her is her Hollows series. Its AMAZING. no seriously, its STUPENDOUS!

Who else could blend supernaturals into one storyline: vampires, fairies, nymphs, elves, demons, and Tinkerbell (pixies).

I'm humbled every time I read one of her novels: "Pg 38 describing Trent, "Elegance coupled with savagery and a frightening grace, magic sung into existence"

So effing amazing! How could you not read this? Did I mention the lesbian tension? Or the hot chemistry between Rachel and Trent, one of the main protagonists, or Rachel and Al (the demon). I mean I'm a little in love with Trent ( He was one of my book boyfriends), yet I hate him a little. Don't you love it when authors can pull that emotion out of you?

NO? Than get off this blog!
Pg 692. "It was beautiful. It made us deadly. It was an ancient war machine. The rings were made for this. And now we had access to the weapons vault."

Check out this series! Amazon, goodreads, B&N

Kim Harrison's Goodreads page

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