Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Readin Red...

There were too many things wrong with this book for me to like it. I tried, I enjoyed the concept of turning a story that we are familiar with into something sexy and new, but there were some flaws that nagged me.

Some of the characters were hard to follow, obviously Cin and her prince charming were very understandable, but this sister and her ex were hard to follow, particularly the love scenes. That was probably my biggest disappointment.

Also, I was a little confused by the character descriptions. Their third partner was described as Mediterranean at first, but then she calls him biracial. African-American's come in all tones, but olive toned is not my immediate thought.


I will check out the authors next book. She has lots of good ideas and I appreciate her imagination, she just needs a good beta reader to help her out.

Check it out @ Amazon and Goodreads

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