Tuesday, September 4, 2012

So close to being right it hurts:

 Public library borrowing on your E-reader

I love the library, that more people don't use it as a resource confounds me; it's free, there are books, it's free, nice librarians will help you find books, & it's free! How and why are people ignoring this institution? What was that? You have reasons? Pray tell: time, location, fees, debt, parking, returning, wait lists, etc. Yeah, those are all valid & I once had the same concerns, then I started borrowing through my Kindle. Yeah, that's right; you can borrow books from your local library, on-line & have them digitally delivered to your E-reader. No, Kindle is not the only reading device in existence ( I know Kindle siblings, it's the only one that matters, Yes please!), but most devices are compatible with the Digital Downloads and you can use it for free, but beware of the following issue..... 

The site itself is not that user friendly. I have to wade through similar authors and titles under a few limited categories with no satisfying way of separating the wheat from the chafe. I would love to be able to search based on my device so that I didn't have to see the title I was looking for offered in a different format, which makes me hysterically angry. And, I would also like to see a search based on new releases for my device, in case I'm trolling for some new reads 

There is a wait on some books. No really there is a wait on digital downloads, really? Really! Shouldn't digital mean limitless? Then why are their only four or 5 copies of some books? We need more books stat! Aisle 'k!" more books on aisle 'k!'

Limited catalogue; I love loads of fiction & have a tendency to read all of a series, or, all the books by a good author; but the libraries digital catalogue is limited doesn't offer many new releases. For example, The Dark Days series by Jocelyn Drake; every other book in this series is offered in the catalogue. Seriously! Why? And, what about Ron Rash, I've read all of his other books, but can't borrow his latest novel, The Cove which came out in April cause the library doesn't offer this title at all. ( My eye is twitching a little cause I really need to read The Cove, it's the only book by Rash that I haven't read and I have a bit of a problem know it exits, but I haven't read it.) 

I'm jus sayin: I understand why there is a wait; even my physical public library only has so many copies, so my digital library would as well. The copies come from Kindle/Amazon and their ultimate goal is to sell books, not give them away for free; however, if you're offering a library option than that should go for all of your books, not some or a few. All that does is infuriate me and make me scream @my computer. I am a book devourer, I still buy books, especially the ones that I love, even after I've read them from the library, Beast Behaving Badly and What a Dragon Should Know are examples of buying after reading.

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