Tuesday, November 27, 2012

So good I want another!

Mark of Kane by Nadia Aidan

The black cobra is a worldclass theif going after the eye of boudicam Logan is a interpol inspector chasing after the black cobra. Nikita is a beautiful womanm classy and artistic planning a night out with her lover. Little do they know they Nikita's little secret will bring all of them together.
The good: A black female spy +  A tall good looking love interest= a great read! The plot is interesting, the characters do have a depth rarely seen in this genre and the authors voice is clearly heard.
I'm jus sayin: The opener is sooo good. Thank Mrs aidan for expanding the genre from smut to real interesting stories with new characters and plots. Thank you girl for making me wish I could wear a cat suit, thank you for a black female character who's good at her job, but doesn't carry a chip on her shoulder. Thank you for writing a man that not only I appreciate, but so does she. ( Can i get an amen? I mean aren't we all tired of reading about bw running from perfectly good looking and acting men, cause they been hurt before? Haven't we all? Yes! Including me, but when hubby showed up, I showed out! Gave him all my love and was granted his in return)
The bad: The book can be a bit slow at times, especially since the beginning is so fast and exciting.
This is a good riding on the train book or a good glass of Riesling before bed book; the kind of read that takes your mind away from waiting on your stop, but without being to heavy on the smut, which can't get uncomfortable to read in public.

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