Thursday, December 6, 2012


I found the story line to be very interesting; at first I was like, "young adult, interracial romance, Zombies and aliens, really?" then I thought about it and decided, "hhhmmpph, why not" So on I read.

The Good:
I found that their were a lot of ideas in this book and many of them were good, my only problem was with execution. 

The Bad"
Literally, my kindle is full of notes and highlights questioning the author. For example, I'm from Ohio and have never visited England, what is the isle of Smythe like? What is the terrain? Logos, I've never heard of, I also had to look that up, because the author never explained anything about there either. There is no chemistry between Wisteria and Bach with the exception of one two scenes when they are alone in the tower and clock, otherwise their relationship is awkward with forced drama instead of real emotion. I don't understand the kind of abuse Wisteria takes from the kids and adults' calling a person a "bonobos" (another term I had to look up) is the imaginary "do not cross this line" for me; yet, Wisteria is called one several times and never defends herself, I'm left thinking that she's infuriatingly weak and maybe believes herself to be a "bonobos." Then their were the awkward sentences/dialogue and the reiteration. I have to be honest, this is my biggest pet peeve from independent authors, EDITING. Good editing would have caught the reiteration of mundane ideas and suggested the reinforcement of big ideas and concepts, like the FAMILY. I know nothing about this alien race, because the author didn't tell me very much.

Overall: skip it

I'm jus saying: I really dug the cover and the book was free, so I read it

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