Thursday, December 6, 2012

Once upon a time I read an overpriced book......

Once upon a time by Josephine Law

This is a fairy tale style adult story revolving around Princess Maria and Erik a strapping blacksmith who aims to earn the fair princess's hand
The good:
Different from the adult fairy tales I've read. Well written, though their are a few errors (mostly missing word or wrong words, "them" instead of "they")
The bad:
I deducted a star for the cost versus the content; the content fell short as far as I was concerned because of reiteration of characters lines that reinforces nothing important. Mild adult scenes that are short, while the story is too long, it takes forever to get to the action and that is not very detailed or exciting either.
I'm jus sayin: It was an okay read, not worth $5.99!

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