Thursday, December 6, 2012

Crash straight to my heart

Crash by Pepper Pace

Ah-Mah-Zingly gifted writer Pepper Pace has amazed me once again. In Crash Pepper she brings together two of the unlikliest characters; Sophie and Lucas. Sophie is a middle aged writer who lives and works alone in her Cincinnati home. Lucas is a twenty something homeless man, one of Americas thousands of disregarded youth who's young lives have been filled with loss and rejection. The circumstances of their meeting is steeped in violence and cruelty, but the writer handles it well, even for sensitive readers.
The good: 
Great storyline, sweet romance; it will make you think one way or another. Younger man, older woman; black, white; bisexual, heterosexual.
The bad:
I read a few reviews where the reader wasn't able to "believe" the love story ; I can see that, but when reading sometimes you have to let go of reality and let the characters speak to you.
I'm jus sayin:
I really liked this story, I think the violent scenes were handled tastefully and respectfully. Lucas is a good protagonist, though if you asked me if I could be with a man who confessed having a consensual sexual relationship with another man my answer is HELL NO. However it didn't bother the character, so It didn't effect my critique of the book. This is a good read with some excellent characters, I dare you to give it a go!
Please leave a comment, tell me if you agree or disagree! Read this book!

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