Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Sinfully delighted to read this book

Sins of the heart:

I was hooked after the first chapter. Silver weaves a complicated tale involving a God, his sons and the daughters of his enemies. And, Yow-ZA the men are hot!

Dagan meets Roxy and is drawn by her devil may care attitude and piercing green eyes. He saves her from an unfortunate end, then leaves her with only one warning. Years pass and their paths cross again only this time, neither of them is willing to leave with only words between them.

Blown away! Thank goodness it's not about shifters or vampires! The intricately woven story is rich and full of details without being stuffy and overworked. And this is not just a romance, this is a suspense novel that will keep you wondering as the H/H navigate "top world,"Earth where demigods, fire genies, and Asentian guards all vie for one goal or should I say girl?

Dagan. wow. Tall, blonde, and hard on the outside; caring, loyal, and earnest on the inside. What a man! Did I mention there were three more of them? One even has an english accent (Yes,please!). 

Please read this book from amazon and comment on this blog, I would love to hear what you think.

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