Tuesday, February 26, 2013

No heat in Juneau.........

Shiya is the computer nerd in a family of shifter hunters. She starts her first field assignment, go to Alaska and confirm that the man she met is a shifter so her family can take him and his pack down. As an African-American geek or nerd, both apply to me, I liked the idea of reading a story about a nerdy girl getting a chance to strut her stuff.

I tried to like this book, but after the first few scenes I was beginning to not like the character or the writer's idea of "intimate" moments. Put yourself in this situation; You just meet someone for dinner that you've been talking to on-line. Its your first meal together, his best friend shows up and after a brief introduction joins you. Odd, yes, however you roll with it and would you allow both men to feed you. With bare hands. Shiya does and I found that to be less intimate and more weird and out of character for a girl supposedly a little shy and inexperienced. As a girl who was once inexperienced and who has dated on-line, No. Not ever. 

Then, their was the fact that Shiya had no voice or personality of her own. She took the assignment to prove to her family and herself that she was strong enough to handle field work. Yet, she allowed the men to make all the decisions and her only response to having absolutely no control over her own body was, "fine." For example, (location 1196) Each man seemed to be beyond letting her decide how far he went." This is a reason that I don't love menage's, because often time author's let the men treat the heroine like a blow-up doll.

Then their was the fact that the author used the word "hole" to describe her anatomy and the term "broke in" was used to describe her first 'back door experience.' And speaking of that sort of play, the particular situation described in location 1519 of the book is just plain unhygienic. I cannot abide when an author uses such primitive language to describe the most important organ to human existence. No, not being dramatic; without that "hole" we would not exist, so hail to the "v!"

I did find some minor errors like:

Location 537 "she knew they would drew conclusions from that..."

Location 647 "she shoved a fist into her mouth and just stared." Seriously, is she Linnie and Squigy?

Location 1542 ".......her eyes shut and tears on her cheeks."
And a catch phrase: "You know you wrong?" Annoyingly, it appears in several locations.

Overall I found this book more irritating than enjoyable and would recommend that you skip this read and try"A gaurdians desire" by Mya and "Fierce Heat" by Lizzie Lynn. Both books treat their women with respect and they are scorching hot!

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