Monday, April 15, 2013

The Space Between by Victoria H. Wilson

I sighed a lot during this book, these characters and their romance was so wonderfully written that I even cried at the end. No, thats a lie. I blubbered with snot and ugly face.
Drake is an Asian American adopted into a wealthy and influential caucasian family. Lacey is a bi-racial girl struggling to make ends meet while her stars are aligning.
Their paths cross and fireworks start, but they end in police sirens. Can two people from very different backgrounds come togehter in the space between?
Uhm, yes. And I enjoyed every word of it.

Have you ever fallen truly, madly, heels behind head in love with a character? I have several times. And Drake is now on my Hall Pass list. Damn he's sexy; deep voice, mahogany eyes, warm heart and a strong libido. I kinda want to be Lacey.

Fav line: "She took it like she wanted it. Like she owned it"
Location. 2044  " you mind if I braid you hair?"
Location 3656 "Cooper came back and handled me a..."
Location. "Standing stark still, his mom didn't say a work."
Locatio 4853 " was hard to image that a small..."

My interpretation of Drake:

Nathan Adrian

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