Wednesday, July 10, 2013

I better be his one and only!

Josie Witherspoon vowed to leave Alabama and never, ever think of Beau Prescott, the rich high school quarterback who broke her heart, again. BUt as with all of us, life didn't quite work out that way. And she's right back in Alabama, working as a housekeeper for Beau Prescott after the pro quarterback is injured in a life-altering accident.

The plan is to keep her head down, do her job, and collect her paycheck. But then Beau has to go and make her a rather indecent proposal.

Theodora Taylor is a genius writer. From the name of the characters Josie (sounds so cute) and Beau ( just makes me think of a big country boy) to the description of the characters.  Beau sounded like a raven haired Clay Mathews, yummy! Even to how engaging these characters were, the fact that the antagonist in the story are rascism and the characters own fear and anxiety stemming from their past.

My only knock on this book is that many of the story lines are a bit formulaic. A very rich white man from the heroine's past comes back in to her life and puts her in a no way out unless you sex me up situation. Hey, I love this sex (there wasn't that much in this book), but I want to read more characters like Her viking Wolf; the characters were very interesting and the formula wasn't as noticeable.

However,  no matter who and what characters she writes, Mrs. Taylor always works in the psychology of her characters their actions explained and their motives relatable; she is a good sound writer who I am a HUGE fan of! Seriously who of us hasn't let our past convince us wrong?  Who hasn't played the fool for love?

If you haven't tried her works, start with this, youll thank me later
You can read this book for yourself buy it from Amazon, B&N, or check it out @Goodreads

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