Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Book stalking.....

Model Tiffany Bell has an awesome booty

So I've been stalking this book for two years. The cover is magnetizing; the look in the models eyes, the hot muscle man she's with, and her perfect ass make for amazing cover candy. Alas, I'm frugal and have a bathroom renovation to pay for and this book is expensive at $8.99 but finally I broke down and just spent the money.
The good:
Great writing, I really became engrossed in the book right away. The best friend and wanting Laney's boss to get her comeuppance made me dive in. I read it in one day. I wanted. No. Needed to know how the story ended. Really supremely written love scenes. Nicholas is more than a lil sexy in so many of the scenes; though he is very much an alpha male. I can also say that it reminded me of my last vaca, so I really had a great picture of the setting in my mind.

This is Jesse Pavelka my interpretation of Nick.
The bad:                                                                                                                                                                Nick was an a-hole. Not the kind that I love, but the kind I stay away from. At one point he tells Laney that if she doesn't agree to have sex with him he won't stop himself. Um, you cant threaten to rape me that's not hot. 

Laney was a doormat the entire book. I really wish that she would have given her boss what she deserved. Alas she was the sweet perfect character romance writers pump out every other book. Which brings me to my next point, why did rich playboy Nicholas fall for the sweet Laney anyway? I have no idea. 

I'm jus sayin:
I don't know that I can say that the book was the worth the price, depends on you as a person. I liked the story, will re-read, and will buy her next novel, but I can't say it stood out in the landscape of romance or multicultural new adult.


  1. I want to read this but that Rapey part may stop me. I cringe at this. I will have to see if I can get a sample.


  2. It's supposed to be sexy, like he has to have her or else his manly alpha self will take what he wants. I just personally took as, "give it up or I'll make you," This is a good read cause Nicholas is SCORCHING, the rapey bit is not so bad. I read "By the fates, freed. That book you read the characters rape and abuse. It was done respectfully, but it was hard for me to read through.

    Please let me know what you think once you read the sample.