Thursday, August 22, 2013

Fast Friday 5 with....

Victoria H. Smith 

Victoria H. Smith is one of my favorite authors of Young adult. Her writing style is very visual and her characters are more than just devices, they are "real." I asked her to do this interview for BD so we could find out more about her and the brilliant mind that brings these characters to life.

BD: Hardest character to write? Easiest?
Dennis Oh, my interpretation of Drake
VHS: I think Drake was definitely the most challenging. Not only was it difficult writing for a male, but he’s also an international adoptee. I had to really research to get into his head. Figure out what his struggles would be since he was adopted into a family that was not of color. The research was quite tedious, but gratifying as well. I learned so much about adoptees in the process and I’m happy to be able to share a snapshot into their world through my characters. I can only hope I did them justice.

Lacey and her character development were by far easier. I found her very relatable with wanting to put on a brave face and take care of the world around her. She finds it hard to ask for help and never does. Many of the cultural struggles she’s had I’ve had myself as a woman of color. I definitely felt like I understood her and that made it easier to write for her.

BD: What is your goal for next year?
VHS: I definitely want to put out at least two more IRs (interracial romances) next year. I have some ideas so I hope I can get them out there and share them.
BD: Who is the book boyfriend of your life? (Your character or someone else's)
VHS: It might sound weird but “R” from Warm Bodies by Isaac Marion. There’s just something about that zombie boy that is oh so dreamy. I think Julie (the heroine of Warm Bodies) sees that too. ;)

BD: Book you could read over and over
VHS: Right now, Love Script by Tiffany Ashley. I just really love her writing style.

BD: Mac or Windows?
VHS: Mac for sure. Once I switched, there was no going back for me.
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