Sunday, August 25, 2013

While in Bed…….

Being Mrs. Blakemore by Olivia Gaines

        I found this book while wandering aimlessly through Amazon’s myriad of titles. I like the Cover candy and thought I would give it a go. I was immediately enthralled by the heroine, Odessa Trodat. She is one smart woman! I am OVER reading naïve females that need the hero to save them, I want more characters like Odessa that are smart, athletic, and have an interesting career that does not involve bling!

         On a cruise by herself, Why she is traveling alone is never mentioned, that has ported in Puerto Vallarta. Our Shero is nearly kidnapped until Saxton Blakemore, our hero steps up and offers a drowning woman a branch to tow herself in.
         Can I just say thank you? Smart and streetwise my girl takes the branch and the novella gets good!
The Good:

The story starts off quickly and is easy to follow. The ending is good as well.

Fav character:

Odessa is an amazing Shero who could carry a series all on her own. She is book and street smart with a great sense of humor and positive attitude.

The bad:

Why is this smart sexy woman on a cruise on her own is never explained, because this is just a novella the author didn’t make time to do this. Everything else was explained in background with efficiency.
Least fav character:

Odessa’s father. I wish that the Mrs. Gaines would have given us another reason for Odessa’s familiarity with weapons. To all you authors out there, women serve in the military to! She could served a tour for an education, her mother may have been the soldier in the family. Or she hunted (I have met several women of color who love to hunt game). I just wish that this fail-safe character type would have been left at the computer and another plausible explanation was created

I’m jus sayin:

This book is good and I will read its sequel!

Shifters moon
 by Riva Blackstone

This is a sweet read that I finished in a day. It centered around the small town of Barrelgrove where Jake arrives in town. He meets the enigmatic Lia, a carmel skinned beauty full of hairy secrets. Soon his life and his heart are entangled in a web of shifters, werewolves and dangerous motorcycle thugs. How far will Jake go to keep Lia’s heart and his head?
The good:
This is a really good story that captured me from the beginning. There was a bit of mystery for me as the reader and I really enjoyed that. I also loved Irman and Lorelai.
The bad:
Not much. The read is short, but so sweet. There were some typos, but nothing worth getting my hair sweated out for.

I’m jus sayin:
I believe this is a new author. I look forward to hearing more from her.
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Thank you for reading- BD

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