Thursday, August 22, 2013

A battle raging......

I was offered this book from the author in an exchange for an honest review, I've never read Mrs. Cullars, so I jumped at the opportunity to get to know her writing.
First, I was really enchanted at the idea of reading about an art professor that loves teaching so much that she would put aside free time to tach more. However, I understood this motivation since, Maya loves teaching her weekend art class. Introducing the joy of still life drawing to her students, who actually want to be there and are not just trying to get an easy 'A'. But, her plans for her class go awry as soon Zach Yarborough, wheels into her class.

Okay, so I liked the idea of a love story involving a handi-abled character; I read the Wheels of Steel  by Pepper Pace series so I am familiar with how HOT! love in a chair can be. And Mrs. Cullars does not disappoint. Grey-eyed Zach is a former marine who was wounded in Afghanistan four years ago and now suffers from PTSD; he was assigned the class by his psychiatrist to help work through his disorder.

At each session, Zach and Maya antagonize one another but eventually can't resist their growing attraction. 

The Good:

These characters were endearing and approachable. Maya is a hard working teacher and Jason is a wounded vet just trying to find a way to get along in the world. When their paths collide there are sparks and they ease their way to one another, learning about themselves and each other at the same time. 

I also enjoyed reading the setting of this book; Mrs. Cullars did an awesome job with presenting her reader with different art installations/museums around Seattle through Zach and Maya. You understood how they would gravitate toward each other because of this link that you get to   

Zach. OMW (Oh my word!) I imagined a dirty blonde with piercing eyes and sexy scruff on his face. And his body, yowza! Yes, a man in a wheel chair can be sexy. All those rippling muscles and wide shoulders, his strength, the maneuverability in that chair. Uhm,  yes please!

For me Maya and Jada's relationship is amazing. I love the conversations they have, the rituals they have, and the emotional partnership that these sisters share. I think I could have  read an entire book on these two characters.

I also enjoyed a particular scene where the class presented an object they were going to draw, I found a small moment for a character named Bob very poignant for me. One of the reasons that I read books is that sometimes you find a character with a trait or ritual that reminds you of yourself. Other times you learn through a characters eyes. For me this is one of those moments. When you lose someone the smallest most ridiculous things can remind you of them; I've caught myself picking up my phone to call my grandfather a few times since his death a few years ago, (no I will not remove his number from my phone. Each new phone I get will have his number, because I want it to), and the scene reminded me that I'm not the only one, its okay if it hurts, thats normal.

The Bad:

There were a few typos. And once I found a the wrong word used.

There really isn't much to complain about other than I wish the book was longer. Some of you are not going to be happy that this is not a true HEA, but I don't always need that. Like with Naked by Megan Hart, I'm happy with where the characters are at and that is enough. Besides, this way leaves room for a sequel. 

I'm jus sayin:

I enjoyed this book and will read more from this author. You should to!

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