Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Dear madame,

I love to read, obviously, I have a blog about the books I read. I also like to write emails to the author whenever I have fallen in love with their book. So, I thought it would be fun to share one of those letters with you instead of doing a traditional book review.

Ms. Ursula Sinclair/ Lavern Thompson,
              I am writing you this email to tell you that I need more of this. More of these well written characters; Ivy and Maze. From the very first paragraph I was entranced by your creations, their was something so tangible about Maze's need to know this beautiful stranger. The tradgedy both find themselves pulling back and finding their own way in life. This is where we get to know Ivy, who is such an amazingly written heroine; strong, intelligent, open, and talented. So often I read heroines that as written are vapid with bad attitudes and too many concerns about small minded issues that an actual strong woman would be able to rise above. Her perseverance and drive really make me love her. Their are lots of strong-willed women with a hard edge and than their is Ivy, the type of young woman we wish our daughters to be; strong-willed with finesse and the work ethic, grace, and talent to make her dreams come true. 
             Maze! OMW He is so sexy, so sensitive, so well rounded. His will reminds me of an alpha male, but he is better because he leaves the demanding and ordering at the door. He is the good man we all dream of. Not a knight in shining armer, but a man that respects and appreciates you enough not to steamroll and intimidate when his words will work. Is her perfect? No. Does he have issues? Yes, and you create, convey, and address them well.
            To be honest with you my favorite character in the whole book is Dante. Dayum! I want some of that. Such a great supporting character; he has a purpose, presence, and background story that I understood and really got into. I was a little bit rooting for (team) Dante as a potential love interest for my girl Ivy. He is strong, rich, beautiful, gets and supports her art, cooks and cleans. Men should be taking notes on his moves! 
            And the action scenes? Fighting and dancing were perfectly balanced with the characters developing story lines and the love growing between our hero and heroine. There was no one 'bad guy' but more like bad men and a skank, who I scowled and rolled my eyes at and then cheered when they were humiliated with a loss or in one female characters case, got kicked to the curb for skankiness.
Misty Copeland the pirma African-American ballerina

            So, I did find a few errors, but we are all human and the story is just SO GOOD that I didn’t even feel like writing them down.
            Honestly, I am salivating for the next installment of this book; I cannot wait to hear more from these characters and you!

Favorite line: "I was no longer the boy she'd once known I was a man now. And she no longer that young ballerina just beginning to fly. She was shooting among the damn stars now."~ Maze

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