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Friday feature with author Shyla Colt............

Shyla Colt is a Sound and Lighting Engineer turned Stay-At-Home Mom with two main passions, music and the written word. Her stories are a blend of the paranormal laced with humor, passion, and a “je ne se qua” that she’d like to call all her own. Married to her marine, she currently resides in sunny California where she allows her characters to tell her their stories while feeding her music addiction and raising her wild child. She credits John Hughes, Marvel comics, punk music and the first paranormal romance novel she picked up at thirteen for creating the unique muse that drives her.

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This is my favorite Shyla Colt read, I love that this is not the typical shifter romance and  the hero and heroine have such a great love story. A shape shifter who can’t shift sounds like a punch line to a joke. But for Luz Dryden it’s a complicated reality. The one bright light in her life has been her long-time love Kalyx Hunter.

Kalyx shares her strange malady and worships Luz with a passion that overshadows everything else. When Kalyx shifts unexpectedly, Luz flees Blackburn Falls and vows to never look back.

Five years later she’s forced back to her home town for her sister’s wedding, and Kalyx is determined to convince her they belong together. Luz fights him at every turn, but her body’s needs overrides her will. Kalyx is prepared to take on anyone who tries to keep them apart. But neither anticipated the twisted web of deceit and betrayal they would find themselves tangled in. 

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Just look at this cover, it is such a beautifully haunting image of a couple that I need to know more about. 
Oliver Young has been a mess since his wife died. But a chance encounter at a coffee shop on the anniversary of her death changes that. Juniper "Juni” Bloom is like a beacon of light in the darkness. His heart recognizes her as a kindred spirit, and he clutches onto her youth and vitality like a lifeline as he rediscovers what it means to truly live and love again. Will he lose her when she learns the truth about his wife's death?

Juni is a woman with a hidden past. A near death experience has given her a new lease on life and a parting souvenir. From the moment she meets Oliver, she knows he’s the man she’s been waiting for. Now she just needs to convince him. Unbeknownst to either, a malevolent force is at work, ready to tear them apart.

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This novella packs a big punch. Maxim and his band are on their way to stardom, but he’s a mess. The cocaine he deems necessary to achieve musical genius has ripped his relationship with his long time love, Oceane Dubois, to shreds warping his thinking. Precariously balanced on a razor sharp edge, he’s one stumble away from the world he’s built crashing down around him. Oceane believes true love endures all things, but Maxim’s spiral out of control forces her to contemplate life without the man she knows is her soul mate.
Determined to win Oceane back Maxim begins the grueling task of getting his head on straight and cuts himself off from Oceane to do it. Frantic over his disappearing act Oceane turns to her sister, and begins to rediscover the woman she’s forgotten. Her life’s a lot less complicated without Maxim around, but the real question she needs to answer is, if its better?

To see these and other titles by Shyla Colt visit her author page at Amazon or Goodreads. Or visit her blog.

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