Thursday, September 19, 2013


Wingless: misery's company by Holly Hood

Eve Cardwell, is willful and fiercely independent, she has to be, she lost her everything; her brother Marcus. He was her sense of security and her ability to believe that life is worth living. You know, that one person in the world that gets you, forgives you, and loves you unconditionally.

Along comes Evan, saving her from herself and from everything she is trying to run away from. 

The good:

I actually liked the "death as mob" theme. Great idea. I think overall this book was full of a great deal of really good ideas. Ms. Hood is an out of the box writer with a real talent of keeping her creativity relatable; as in there is something in Eve that we all understand. There is something about Evan's struggle that we can all relate too, yet he invites Eve and us into his dangerous and new world.

Evan is really hot.

Fav line:

"...My life lesson was simple. Believe with your heart, fear is real, and no one ever is going to make it out by the skin of their teeth. Death may be scary, but there was one thing that death gave us, and that was blindness to not see it coming until it was too late. And now I believed in everything that I was told I was wrong to believe..."

The bad:

Eve was really depressing and whiny. She comes from a rich family with parents who love her and two perfectly good siblings who want the best for her; I generally hate people like Eve who have to make up drama because they don't really have any. Yes, she lost her brother, but who hasn't lost someone? And, that is one bad thing that happened to her compared to people who persevere through hardship with far less support and resources than what she has to work with.

I believe that Ms. Hood meant to make the character "unlikeable," so I continued to read and met Evan who seemed awesome, I kept wondering why was he dating this dark and annoying whiny 'blah' of a girl.

Then the arguing started, Eve and Evan spent quite a bit of time YELLING! at each other, flip-flopping from happy to violent way too often; to much drama for me. I was rolling my eyes and thinking, "Just leave each other alone." 


This was an okay read. I wasn't blown away, but I will continue to read Ms. Hood's work because I think she is a really talented author with a bright future. Meet Holly Hood

I'm jus sayin:

I should tell you that I am one of those "Men are like buses, next one comes in fifteen minutes."  I'm just not a epic love story kind of gal, sorry "Twilight" and "Titanic," but I have better things to do, like paint my fingernails and watch them dry or go to the golf pro shop with C-mac.  

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