Thursday, September 26, 2013

Devoured and obsessed with Violette Dubrinsky!

I am so very VERY excited to host one of my favorite authors, Ms. Violette Dubrinsky. For those of you who don't know her, Violette Dubrinsky is the author of the Dark God, Warrior, Crescent Moon, and Moonlight Sagas. She is currently a full time graduate student and part-time writer. She enjoys creating stories with strong heroines and the leading heroes who "tame" them...and by tame, she means, learns to accept their stubborn, unchangeable ways. Violette is currently working on the sequel to The Masseuse, sequel(s) to Taken By Moonlight, sequel(s) to Warrior, and a host of standalone stories.
Violette can be reached at, on her website (below) or on Facebook (below). She loves feedback so feel free to email her, leave comments on her blog, or Facebook her (the quickest way to get a response). And be sure to check out the free reads of her website.

 How many ways do I love this paranormal romance writer? Let me begin with the heroes that she creates, Victor, Varian, and Conall made me fall in love with Ms. Dubrinsky's writing; they are all protective, yet sensitive companions to the dynamic heroines that she writes and I fall in love with. I guess you will never understand the depth of my devotion to her writing unless I tell you one simple truth; if she writes it, I buy it, no questions asked; not even price. Her books always amaze and entertain me, while evoking deep emotions within me as I read and learn of her characters world and their journey through them. I cry, laugh, and get mad at the characters and then do it all over again with the next book. Or with the same book since I tend to re-read her books over and over.

Warrior- This was like a slow rolling rock at the top of a snow covered mountain, it built up as it went along until by the end it was the mother of all interracial fantasies, in my opinion. And, what made it so good was not the "fantasy," but the characters; the heroine Jaiyson was strong, intelligent, and regal as the hot tempered princess that bowed to no man. Vulcan her match is hard and unmovable, except when it comes to Jaison. Their story is divine, if you haven't read this then PLEASE buy this book you WILL enjoy it; I have read it maybe three times. read my original review here!

Heny Cavill as Varian/Vulvan
Fav character: Varian. I'm drooling.

Taken by Moonlight- This is the book that made me a SUPERfan. Not that I do anything more than her other fans, but I am super and a fan hence SUPERfan. Click here to read this book and here to check out my original review.

Under a Crescent Moon- So this is the book that started it all for me. I have read this book at least five times, particularly the end; it makes my heart warm with out loud laughter. Then their is Victor. Dayum he's sexy, I never thought that I would say a that about a zombie. But Dayum! And this story is so good, it has a few twists and a couple of turns that had me at the edge of my seat, literally. I was like, "No, Don't talk to me I'm reading!" Yes I was at work and never said it out loud, but gave them the stink eye and thought it in my head really loud.  Click the link to read this book and click here to read my review.

Fav Character: Uh, Victor.

To find more of Ms. Dubrinsky's reads please visit her webpage or FOLLOW me cause I read and review ALL her books, I wasn't kidding about that.

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