Tuesday, October 22, 2013


Celeste Anwar's
Savage instinct-

Ms. Anwar'a stories are always full of alpha males and genuine feeling females, good ideas and original plot lines. Most of her collection consists of novellas and this was the first full length novel that I saw by her, so I was anxious to to download the copy she sent to me!
One of the things to drew me to this story was Aiden, an alpha of a mountain wolf pack wondering the woods alone at night. He is protective of his alone time and enjoying his freedom. I can relate to that, so I enjoyed this side of the hero. Suddenly, he is attacked by rival leader, Lee Riker, who wants to usurp Aiden’s power.....

Nydia’s is our heroine, a tough girl that is total mush on the inside! She is driving after a fight with her boyfriend, upset and not paying attention in the middle of the night when she hits something with her car; she discovers is  a naked man being attacked by wolves. When he insists on coming home with her instead of to the hospital, she knows she’s in for nothing but trouble.

Why oh why didn’t this ever happen to me when I was single? Driving alone on a country road I meet a super-hot werewolf who I take home and ravage. Yes girl, I would!

For our heroine it was a rollercoaster of emotion that I found somewhat appealing. Nydia is smart and self-assured, with a bit of an attitude problem, but so do I , so I could easily forgive her. I also like her love for her cat and the fact that she stood on her values throughout the novel.

I also liked Aiden, he was smart, conniving and arrogant, just like every other alpha that I’ve ever read and I loved him for it.

Ms. Anwar also really know how to write a big bad meanie, with a side of hateful, and manipulative thrown in for good measure. Which made rooting against him all the more fun.

There were a few issues I had with this novel; th big problem, the emotional connection between Nydia and Aiden fell flat for me. There was too much bickering about nonsense and not enough actually getting to know each other, then wham! Sex. I actually asked myself, how are these people going to make this relationship work? What do they have in common? Why would they even bother trying, because they are so different? My other issues were minor in comparison; I found some grammatical mistakes and there were some continuity issues that I found regarding Aiden's origin. 

The good:
Nydia and Aiden as individual characters were really engaging to me as a reader.

The bad:
The relationship lacked chemistry and connection in my opinion. And, the bad guy was dispatched too quickly for my taste.

This is a decent read worth your perusal if you like alpha males with killer bodies and sweet females with an actual backbone!

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