Tuesday, October 22, 2013

One of the most erotic scene's I have ever read.....

Wild horses by Asha King

Popular blogger Danyiah Jackson is known for finding the humor in anything--until some of her fan mail turns threatening and a stalker makes it clear he's been watching her. She grudgingly accepts the advice of a threat assessment expert and disappears from the online world, taking temporary refuge at a family friend's quarter horse ranch in the country.

Head horse wrangler Adam Cooper isn't thrilled about the smart-mouthed young woman suddenly living and working at the ranch--even if she's drop-dead gorgeous. But their verbal sparring sets his body ablaze and gets his heart racing, and he's drawn to her despite his misgivings.

However as Danyiah and Adam fight their attraction, her stalker draws near, putting not only their fledgling love, but their lives on the line.

The good:
Gugu Mbatha-Raw as Dannai

Everything. The relationship between Dannai and Adam; the build-up of their attraction and her fish out of water really worked for me. I imagined that a blogger will to try anything would have the right amount of pep for stubborn rugged cowboy like Adam!

Fav Scene:

In Dani's bedroom under the ceiling fan. The setup is so simple,
random cowboy from the internet
yet maybe one of the most erotic scene's I have ever read.

The bad:

Honestly, not much.  Seriously, I have nothing negative to say about this book.

I'm jus sayin:

I already downloaded the next book in the series and I'm uncorking a bottle so I can sip while I read. It was that good of a book.

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