Friday, November 22, 2013

Interview with a Dragon.......

The Dragon (G.O.N.Y. - Double Dragon) by Violette Dubrinsky

MB: Hello Ramsey Stone and thank you for agreeing to this interview. I know your busy with all of your enterprise's and the next book releasing soon, thank you. And, may I just say, I'm sorry for 
your loss. I cried through Lilly's ordeal and can't imagine your loss. I hope you don't mind if we keep things light since your time is short and my blog readers have specific questions?

KJRS: Thank you for your condolences. (jaw clenches) My niece was very special to me.

MB: I'll start with the most important question first, the question I most want to know, what are you wearing? Spare no detail in your description, please.

KJRS: I am wearing a dark blue Italian-made suit with a cream V-necked undershirt. I believe the designer is Fioravanti.

MB: I'm getting a lovely mental picture, thank you. Tell me, Boxes or briefs?

 Boxers. I find briefs, even boxer-briefs, confining.

MB: I bet! How does such a busy man keep in shape?

 I work out most mornings after I wake at 6am. I do cardio and weights. A certain lady also helps me stay in shape. What we do together is nothing short of a workout.

MB: Hmmmmm. I will have to use my imagination for that one. Tell me about Red cream, it played such a pivotal role in your seduction of Jezebel and for us readers the scene was EPIC. Are surprised by the reaction you've had?

 Yes, I am. Red cream isn’t specifically made to be used the way I used it on Jezebel but it does the job. (smirks) Now, I think I’m going to have my developers patent the recipe and have it on the market for those who’d like a try.

MB: Will you be manufacturing and producing red cream for public consumption? No matter the cost, hubby and I could take another mortgage out on our house, as long as three cases of it shipped to me in Ohio.

 I’ve been thinking of it. (smiles) And I assure you it would be affordable and shipped in very discreet, perfumed packages.

Nice. Now lets get down to do the serious before Ms. Dubrinsky finds out I've stolen time with her muse.

MB: This new novel, The Dragon, why the title?

 I think the title speaks for itself. The Dragon is who most of the story is about. This story had to be told separate from The Masseuse because the entire mood is different. After losing someone so precious to me, I had to change and become what I was born to be.

MB: What can your fans expect?

 Suspense, mystery, action, adventure, hot sex, romance, love…There is too much in this story to explain right now but it has a good dose of the things that matter.

MB: And Jezebel, with everything that has happened, your family, the FBI, is there any hope for the two of you?

 Jezebel is mine. She may not like to admit it, but we both know that she is, just like I am hers.

MB: Tell me, will there be more of Ramsey Stone in the future?

KJRS: Something tell me you haven't seen the last of me yet. There are still things that I need to deal with it, persons to deal with. It's possible that I will return.....someday.

Well well, I'm drooling. how about you?

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