Monday, January 6, 2014

Captivated by the author.........

I received a free copy of the audible version of this book as a gift, though I would have purchased this with my own money.

I am making my way through Ms. Burke's Anthology, reading all of her books one by one, because I love her writing so much! She has a way of making her characters seem real and definable, I can relate to them on some level though we do not live the same lives.

Ms. Burke also write one Hell of a good hero; always sexy and alpha, I can't wait for them to show their heroine all the passion they have to offer!

With that being said I enjoyed this book, particularly since it was in audio format; I read while crafting, cooking, rolling my hair at night, walking my dogs, and a little at work (that was hard since some of the scenes are naughty and I became distracted.)

I would recommend this book to a friend, try the audio format it really is well read (at first it was weird, the woman's proper accent reading someone that felt similar to me, but eventually I got over it and just enjoyed the story; like when Angela Basset played Tina Turner and everyone was mad about how muscular her arms were. Eventually I didn't even see Angela, only Tina.)

The Good: Reading while getting stuff done.

The bad: The story is a little short.

Buy this book at Amazon (get the audio version!), Or B&N.

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