Monday, December 2, 2013

Don't miss Red Sun.......

This is a "new adult" romance. Normally I would avoid such fare, but when I downloaded the sample and began reading I was immediately engrossed. This book is just so good that I bought it before I finished the sample. Ms. St. Pierre weaves such a good coming of age romance that I threw out my preconceived notions and buckled my safety belt for the ride. 

The good:

The story revolves around Solei, a young aa woman who is still suffering the effects of a family tragedy, I love /loathe this heroine at first, she was self-centered and immature, but aren't we all at her age? I actually found myself loving more and loathing less the more I read. Ms. St. Pierre has a special talent that is missing in many new adult romances; allowing her heroine to grow without her seeming to make decisions beyond her years. 
My vision of Solei, actress Keke Palmer

One of the reasons that I don't enjoy young adult or new adult is that the characters are to insightful,  wise, or have the ability (in my opinion) to make decisions that are beyond their years because the people who write them are older and write from an aged point of view. Or, the character doesn't actually grow, but the characters around them just accept their annoying behavior because the heroine is just so "special."

But in R.S. you read Solei making poor decisions, we know why she makes them because she tells us and then we watch through her eyes as she deals with the consequences of her immaturity. By the end of the novel you can tell a difference in the character from where she began, its quite beautiful.

The Men:

√Član- The older brother. Every fantasy I've ever had involves a guy like this, the "hot boy" that shows this one girl his softer side. He's wildly romantic, sexy, and bold. If only I wasn't married, and almost forty, and he was REAL. Bow-chica-wow-wow. 

But I digress.

Jolon- the strong silent type with long dark hair and muscular body. Dang this woman can
write, because, Uhm yeah, I imagined myself brushing his long raven locks, the act being so erotic. Damn

I wanted her to end up with both brothers, kinky, yes, but a girl can dream! In the end Solei had to choose and break my heart and the heart of the other guy. Read it to find out who she chose, you won't be disappointed.

Fav character:

Ruthanne- I smiled whenever she showed up in a scene.

Fav line- I have two:

"The rain seemed to be the catalyst- the spark that lit the flame between us. Something about it made him irresistible to me and it seemed to have the same affect on him" pg. 323

"Every time he touched me some pale new I lost my breath- apparently my feet were no exception to the rule. Any uncharted area on my body seemed to short circuit when his skin came in contact with mine." pg. 189

The bad:

I want more of Jolon and Elan; Solei can come to, but no offense Kaya, Elan is mine!


I smiled a lot as I read this book. A lot.

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