Monday, January 6, 2014

So good I needed a bottle of red and several pieces of Dark Chocolate.......

To me, when I can't read a book without a good glass of wine and a piece of chocolate, than I know its good.

This book starts off where book 1 ended (you don't NEED to read 50 shades of jungle fever, but the book is really good, so you should) and focuses on the aftermath of Tristan and Keisha's break-up. I really enjoyed delving deeper into the characters themselves; when they were in a relationship it was mostly about new experiences and learning one another. In this book we learn about the individual characters, allowing Ms. Lewis' writing to shine and giving readers is a roller coaster ride of emotions.

The good:
Tristan is A-ma-ZING! OMG. He is an alpha personality with a
big heart full of love and passion, Keisha is one lucky girl.

Matt Barr as Tristan photo by splash news
Keisha, is still genuine, smart and sassy with just enough refinement. Perfect.

Favorite scene:
The ending on the private jet. I've read it over and over; its just so sexy!

Favorite character:
The fairies- I agreed with all of their antics and enjoyed reading them.

The bad:
I want more. Always more.

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