Monday, January 6, 2014


In case you are wondering DNF means Did not finish.

I have so many mixed feelings about this book. When it was slow it was really slow; that painful slow where I'm speed reading to get back to the good parts. And there were some good parts, I can't put the book down good.

But, by the end I was just bored. It was too over the top dramatic and I didn't really care anymore, so I stopped reading.

One day I will finish this book, but its going to be a while.

The good: Unique story

The bad: vapid heroine with a  really well thought out hero. What did he see in her besides her beauty? 

I'm jus sayin: All they had in common was that they both liked her singing.

I never finished this book, here's why:

This book was all over the place; the author mixes POV with third person which I usually love, but in this case it was confusing because it was within the same chapter.

Then there was the set-up; it was so far fetched. Who reserves and pays for a room at a resort for their
best friend to go out on a blind date? If you are, please contact me, we can be BFF's. Because I could use a vaca.

The heroine is boring, she complains about her weight a lot after just losing tons of weight. I have to say that this type of character has been done to death and I'm over her. Why would she need a man to discover her confidence? Why wasn't she working on her mental as well as her physical fitness, that would have been new and improved on this stock character instead of what I read here.

Our hero was equally as boring.

The whole thing just felt rushed.

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