Monday, January 6, 2014


Deceived by Thayer King

not well received....

I have read everything by Ms. King, I usually love her stories and make my husband act out some of the more gallant scenes (He has to rub lotion on my feet at night, I got that from "The matchmaker").

But, I didn't care for this book. I thought that the whole thing was to forced. The set-up, the scenes, the relationship.

I really feel like Ms. King could do better. I will continue reading her books, cause I know that she will do better than this.

Kuma by Kassanna

Love bear style....

I love Kassana, but this book was not my favorite.

I was looking forward to reading Nix and Boris' love story, both characters made great impressions in the other book, Nix is kick-butt and Boris has alpha male written all over him, but overall too short and a little rushed, which was a bit disappointing since I was really looking forward to this book.

With that being said my biggest complaint is that while Nix background is delicately handled, the S&M was not. I just needs another twenty pages of actual love story and maybe five less pages of hardcore "get it on."

The swan an the bear by Eve Langlais

This is my first F.U.C. read. I really liked how unique the shifters were; definitely really diverse. I even like the characters back and forth. The book was a little short for me, but I may try this series again.

Black Gold by Vivian Arend

I read this book and really enjoyed it. The characters are solid and the storyline is easy to follow. My only complaint is that sometimes the characters felt misplaced. His use of the term, "love" as in "sure love, I can get that" seemed a like the character should have been British. Just something stupid I noticed, not really a deterrent.

I will read this author in the future.

Birthright by Sydney Addae

I was very confused with the beginning of this book, I had no idea what was happening until two thirds the way through. From there I quickly got into the story, though some mystery still remains.

The good:
Interesting and unique story about wolf shifters

The bad:
I don't feel any emotional attachment to any of the characters.

It was just okay.

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