Thursday, February 20, 2014

By Scot!

Recently I had the pleasure of interviewing My book boyfriend of Febuary, Tristan Baird

MB: Fav part of a woman's body?

TB:Depends on the woman. Every single one has a feature that's beautiful, sexy. But my weak spot is definitely a smart woman. Maybe you could get use to and tired of a women's arse, her lips or hips. I doubt it. Yet, there's no limit to a woman's mind. There's always a constant change so just when you think you know it, there's something more to discover.

MB:Red or white wine?

Man in Kilt
TB: Wine? Scotch or whiskey. Something that would put hair on a boy's chest. Otherwise what's the point?

MB: Sean Connery is my fav scot (sorry Gerard butler) are you fan? What is ur fav movie of his?

TB:James Bond is a good one. The man of mystery is something I can understand.

MB:What's under your kilt, Boxers or briefs?

TB: If you have to ask...

MB: Manscaping or all natural? 

TB: If I wanted to look like a fucking toddler, I'd shave. What's the appeal in that? Some women like for you to look neat, but if they're paying attention or worrying about the look of your pubic hair, then you've already got a problem that can't be fixed.

Damn he is sooooo SEXY!

Thank you Melissa Blue for allowing me some time with your muse.

And thank you for reading! Check out this book at Amazon or on Goodreads!

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  1. Thank you for having me. I'm just happy Tristan, somewhat, behaved.