Monday, March 10, 2014

Good girls finish first.....

Safe House (Steel Infidels Biker MC Romance)

This book was provided to me as an advanced reading copy

This is such a good book, from beginning to end. In fact, I declare that this is the best work that Dez Bryant has written. Let me start with the she-ro. Kendra is an amazing character, funny, smart (the right kind of smart) and relatable. I love when a writer gets women right. Oh yeah, she’s a curvy girl as well that NEVER complain about her shape. Novels are written for the drama of the story, leaving the characters to fit into a specific mold. Too many females say that they are strong and tough, but end up making really dumb decisions. The kind that have me yelling at my book or deleting the book from my ipad before finishing cause I’m so fed up. But Kendra was great. She was smart, didn’t get bullied, and didn’t stand in her own way of finding love. Thanks Dez.
The Hero, Flint. Even his name is sexy. And those piercing green eyes…. Yeah, his picture was painted with the right amount of brush strokes.

The bad: I need more! My girl turns out to be ride or die chick, (Yes, this has a clifhanger ending) I need to find out more.

Fav line: "What? she said self-consciously. "Is something wrong" No, everything is perfect," Flint replied. "I'm memorizing how beautiful you look so I can sketch you later when I'm alone."

Overall: I would recommend this to anyone who wants to enjoy an action packed story or an action packed romance. Or, an action packed romance with a LOT of love on a curvy woman.

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