Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Author vignette: Pamela Lyn/Lyn Brittan

I recently found the catalogue of Pamela Lyn and discovered that she also writes under the name Lyn Brittan. So, I did what I do best, devoured all of her interracial romance reads!

The Last Etruscan Lyn Brittan

This is one of those stories that I found and it was just so unique that I had to read it. The story itself is
5, but the execution is a 1.5 for me.

One of the reasons that I thought that this was a great story is that the term "Rom Bara" pings around in my head all the time, the fact that the author made that happen is really cool.

Fav character: Gregario and sean. I hope that they each get their own books.

Shade: There were some really weak plot points (I can't reveal them without giving too much of the book away) and the editing in this book was HORRIBLE! To list the mistakes would be too daunting for this review, so here are just some highlights:

The author used though instead of through. And, when though is finally correct, through is used instead. The mistakes really detracted from the stories

Juans journey (Lightening Catchers) by Pamela Lyn

This is by far my favorite book of the five that I read from this author. This book is so funny, unexpected, unique with just a little bit of quirk, and a little bit perfect for me!

Juan, is the perfect anti-hero; a guy with his own problems that gets suckered by a big butt and a smile. Our heroine is the perfect contrast to our hero. A soul singer with a few problems of her own.

Their adventure together is divine.

Fav Line: 

She stared him down, top to bottom. he didn't try to hide his smile.
"You've seen all of this. more, even."
"You're being conceited."
"I'm being undressed with your eyes."
"Twenty four hours ago, you were knocking on heavens door."
" Twenty four hours later, you're looking like you you want me to take you there"

Shade: small errors are a factor in this book.

Overall: This is a good read that you'll enjoy

The Witch and the Genie (The Djin Series) by Lyn Brittan

I saw this book on Amazon and couldn't resist making a purchase because the plot seemed so unique, A middle eastern man and an African- American woman; a witch and a djin. Why not?

I found this book to be everything that I was hoping for and a little more, good and steamy is how I would describe this book.

The chosen (A Cape Elizabth novel) by Pamela Lyn

I bought this book because their was a pretty brown girl on the cover of this book. I never read the previous books, but thought that the story sounded interesting and authors always give enough background to catch new readers up, so I purchased.

I should have read the other books. I was so confused by what was happening in this book. It felt like I was in the middle of an epic, but not at the beginning or the end. I mean was this about angst ridden high school kids or college aged? How is the heroes name, Skoll, pronounced? What does anyone in this book look like?

Fav: The parents and Pamela Lyn's ballsy writing. There is an epic (Hey, I've never read it in any other shifter book and I have read thousands) plot twist toward the end of the book. Kudos madame, you did blow my mind.

Shade: Why do I have to keep reading Sloan Morgan, the whole name, of the prince, Sloan Morgan over and over. Is there more than one Sloan Morgan? Did the author enjoy the name Sloan Morgan? It does sound cool, Sloan Morgan. Yes, it was that annoying to read the same name over and over again.

I love this authors writing, despite her very human mistakes, please give her books a go!

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