Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Pour some sugar on me

Rock star lover by Yvonne Nicolas

Skid row lead singer Sebastian Bach
So I like a little metal in my playlist. I'm not confessing, I'm letting you know that I have an eclectic ear and maybe a little crush or two on some of those rock star Gods of the eighties. With that being said I jumped (get it?) at the chance to read Yvonne Nicolas latest novella, Rock star lover.

From page one I was mesmerized by Ripp, the rock star, just like Aubrey. "He was breaking me down, slicing through my protective shield compelling me to give in." Uhm, yeah!

Sebastian Bach
I could hear the solo guitar as Ripp sang, "Rip me to pieces like you like to do, devour my sanity. I'll be the monster you created until you return my humanity.."

And I could see the image of the blonde hottie on stage, "Flicking his fingers across the guitar strings...rocked his hips o the beat, threw his head back, and let out one of his grutty primal cries..."
British Rock star Roger Daltry

This book seduced me, the writing was like the poetry of a good ballad and the adult scenes were A+.

Overall: This is a good read that will enjoy!

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