Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Wolf's Strength by Ambrielle kirk

Wolf's Strength by Ambrielle kirk

This book has a lot to offer; Naomi and Blake are great characters, their origin story is really unique in the landscape of paranormal romance, they’re mates from rival packs. I also enjoyed the fact that Ms. Kirk’s writing really explores the dual nature of shifters; we get narrative from the point of view of a raging werewolf, I never read that POV before. I also like the conflict of the storyline; familiar characters pop up for a stroryline update, but its never stale or boring, (If you missed a few books you’ll be fine reading this one) but the new enemy is very BAD, with a new twist on the genre. I rooted against them for the entire book.

Fav Character: Tristen Arnouu

Fave Line: “Blakes eyes glazed and he began seeing everything in vivid red, but things were clearer nonetheless. His body shuddered as he fought the emergence of his angry wolf. There was no subduing his animal any longer. The wolf was his other half. They completed each other and the both hungered…

Shade: I wish there was more description of the characters and of the setting. There were some slight mechanical issues as well.

I’m jus sayin: This is a good addition to a great series.

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