Thursday, December 6, 2012

Myopia- more of the same

In the second installment of the Young adult series "Wisteria" the love story slash zombie apocalypse continues. We do learn more about the aliens and we also learn more about the character of wisteria, but the audience has to muddle through much of the same editing issues as in the first installment of the series.

Again, I found Wisteria to be infuriatingly weak, though in this book she has her moments when she is strong though a bit bipolar. For example, Coles (her step father) sneaks back on the island a bit scruffy and her blood boils cause he left. Um, he was thrown out and she was there to witness it; she's a bit bipolar with all the angry then calm, then angry without explanation.

Wisteria "charges" a lot of people pointlessly and annoyingly. She seems more like an upset toddler charging people in anger. How could she have survived the zombie-apocalypse withouth being in control of herself?
"Amanda gestured as they cycled...she informed them as they stopped....wisteria kept walking" what? How did it go from biking to walking? Their is no transition in the action.
Introduces character's without describing them. For example, Sen Aleix and Jason. Specifically Jason, how could she suspect Jason to possibly be her brother unless he is also black, which is never mentioned. Jason; when she asks him how he ended up on Smythe he says it was Wisteria's mothers idea, but then later he says he changes origin.

"Smashing her with the textbook she was holding" smashing her with textbook where? The head? The mouth? The foot?
"She'd already risked her life for this stupid girl 'I'm going to leave you now" Yet she stays to help, why? Where is the inner monologue that leads to her concluding to save Amanda?
What is qwandiye or Dy'obeth the definition/translation is never explained.
Contrived; "feeling less crappy" the use of the vernacular by the narrator feels forced; like they are trying to sound young to appeal to the audience.
There is no chemistry between Wisteria and Bach with the exception of one two scenes when they are alone in the tower and clock, otherwise their relationship is awkward with forced drama instead of real emotion. Speaking of which the scene in the courthouse just bizarre, one minute he's calling terrans disgusting and his mother would never stoop, blah blah and the next he's professing his love for Wisteria? From the point of view of a black woman if my man told me that all other blacks were disgusting and I was the exception I would be turned off, not willing to reconcile and forgive him for his harsh words within 5 minutes of his hate word filled tirade. And, as a woman I have a love hate relationship with my hair; as a black woman the world has a love hate relationship with it as well which is why it baffles me that the author of this book would waste my time with derogatory comments towards the characters hair or her own self hate towards her hair.

Overall; great ideas with bad

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