Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Blown away

A Guardian's Desire

This is my first experience with an alpha female as the herione of the book and I loved it! Freya, our shero, is working an easy gig; gaurd some girls as they find a mate during a weekend pagent. The warrior in Freya is bored without highstakes action or a pretty boy toy that she can dominant. Enter Rayne, a beautiful witch shifter who throws himself in Freya's path; they become entranced with each other. The problem? Rayne's big dominant alpha, Fenris, who has plans to make Freya one of the pageant girls!.
Omg, this book is so good. The prologue threw me off at first, but by the end I was like, YES! Rayne, isn't just some pretty boy; he tall and muscular with a handsome face, sensitivity, intelligence and some satisfying techniques. Fenris is his total opposite, not pretty but strong like bull and calculating. The pair work their way into Freya's and mine. My favorite part is the courting, when Freya lets herself be free with Rayne and finally starts to accept Fenris. I have read the epilouge at least three times, the insecurities that Freya reveals to her mates is so heart warming; she finally let somone in and was rewarded by unconditional love from not one, but two gorgeous men who call her mate.
There are some typos, but they are minor compared to so many other books out there. I wrote the author with my sentiments ( A nice way of saying I gushed about how much I loved the book) and I mentioned the typos, she assured me that she has an editor and that they try to get to all of them, but some slip through. Ahem, (she straightens her imaginary tie) PLEASE PLEASE, PLEASE (falls to knees) let me help out with that! 

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