Tuesday, February 26, 2013

No Clarity in the writing...............

Dark Clarity 

I bought this book based on some other people mentioning it on a group page that I frequent. I downloaded the sample to give it a go, but found it riddled with error after error. Finally at 20% I finally got fed up and returned it for a refund, I figure that if you're not willing to invest your hard earned money in an editor to improve your work, then I'm not willing to spend my hard earned money trying to read it.

Here are just SOME of the problems I encountered while reading this:

"I eyes popped open as I was yanked from the creatures crosshairs and slung hard against the wall"

"and wow the man was enormous, close to six and a half feet with broad shoulders,....." does not describe an enormous person, in fact it is only slightly above average height for males.

There is a tense problem, Location 2138: disappearing instead of disappeared

Many misuse/wrong words: Location 3523 "Slipped" instead of `sip' and "copse" instead of `corpse'.

Then there was the most unforgiveable of novel writing offenses; incorrect spelling:
Location 2944 "felping." Seriously? No matter what OS or program your working in there is some sort of spelling corrector built, why didn't the author use it?

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