Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Great title:

Scar by Kassanna

Great cover, mediocre read. I liked the concept of this book; someone kidnaps the son of the alpha. Fre, finds a puppy locked in car parked at a strip club; love follows. A single father, Rhys also happens to be alpha of his pack; he falls for Fre without revealing his true nature. 

I really enjoyed the cover of this book and saw that it had been reviewed favorably, so I got a sample. It was an okay read, though the hero and shero never became real to me.

I enjoyed the character Keen, but wish the author spent more time developing all of the characters in the story.

It felt flat when I read the love scenes and the actions were just white words on the black kindle screen. I prefer for the words to come alive in my imagination and this never happened. 

Maybe, it was the myriad of typos and grammar problems, or, the mundane details that didn't move the story (Why do I care about the way he sticks his straw in a drink? Location 392. And, an "ode" is a song, not an aroma. location 432). Either way this was just an okay read, certainly not worth $4.

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