Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Atone by Angela Brown

I recently read "Atone" by one of my favorite authors, Angela Brown. This novelette is part of her NEO chronicles are the stories of our heroes before they band together to save of behinds from those who threaten our existence.

NEO – Network of Extraordinaires and Otherworldlies is shaping up to be one badass group of people, so I can't read their combined adventures, but for now I'm enjoying all of the individual stories. 

Atone, book two, is centered around Caine, a hot assassin that specializes in the ladies. He's ready to retire, but decides to take just one last job, assassinate an assassin, the ultimate "one for the road" departure. Just what Caine needs.

I'm just sayin:

For a novelette I found that Atone offered the reader a lot of information. For example, Caine's background story is full of emotion and betrayal the glimpse into this killers past helps us to understand what shaped him into becoming a real lady killer. 

One of the reasons that I love Angela Brown's work is that she writes very descriptively. I can see in my mind exactly what she is writing:

LOC 171 "Colorful dots covered a gray slate in his mind, moving, coalescing like an impressionistic painting, until a familiar face came into view."

At the same time, she is an author with a sense of humor with her characters:

 loc 390 "When conversations are a blast"

I also love that she writes unconventional women; I'm over lawyers, fashion designers, and medical professionals that act anything but. I want to see more ninja's and mountain women, maybe an astrophysicist or two. I really like that the world has no bounds when Angela writes.


I actually cried during one of the scenes in a book, how often does that happen in a novella? Never, unless it is written by a talented artist like Angela Brown who's weaving a tapestry of books into the series she calls NEO chronicles.

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Book one of NEO:

Frailties of the Bond

And cause I love it so much:


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