Tuesday, August 6, 2013


Seducing the jackal by Seressia Glass
Blurb: Centuries ago, tragedy severed the alliance between the jackal shifters and powerful Egyptian priestesses. But when four of his brothers succumb to a deadly curse, clan commander Markus kidnaps one of the witches and insists she undo the evil magic.

Although Tia can undo the curse, she insists her coven is not behind it—and she is shaken to her core by her intense attraction to her captor. The sparks between them quickly ignite, filling them both with passion and power unlike anything they've ever known. Will it be enough to heal the rift between their peoples?

The good:
I found this to be a really solid read. The author is a good writer with a strong voice. Her characters are well thought out with understandable motivations. In other words, as readers we’re provided enough back story to understand the why the characters choose the decisions they do. I also liked that the story focused more on the relationship between the H/H and not so much on the mythology of ancient Egyptian deities. And Tia’s power, YASSS! I love the whole situation (You have to read it or visit my blog to figure out what I’m talking about).

I found a few problems, so I can’t use the term ‘bad’
A few minor grammatical errors
The story was a little predictable
I’m jus sayin: ****spoiler alert***
Sexual energy feeds her power ( How Awesome!)

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